Taking the leap

You hear' ‘taking the leap’ bandied around a lot these days, but when you actually do it you yourself you realise what it really takes to stand on the edge of the precipice without a safety net, legs shaking, heart pounding, before finally launching yourself forward. I wouldn’t say I took a leap quitting my job and training to be a coach, I took a full on skydive!

You don't believe in yourself enough

For some, confidence and conviction come easy, for me it has been a hard slog over the years. If you ask any of my line managers spanning my PR career the one piece of feedback that would always come up in my reviews, the answer would be - you don’t believe in yourself enough. Imposter syndrome had me good. It’s grip tightening if I was given a new project, had to deal with something that hadn’t crossed my path before or when I felt inferior to colleagues. To the outside world, I was confident in meetings, I held my own and I was full of beans. That mask would sometimes slip and the lack of confidence would show, gnawing away at me and bringing me back down to earth again after a client high.

“I don’t know how you can’t see how good you are.”

How will you ever know unless you try?

So, when it came to taking the leap (skydiving) completely out of my comfort zone to attempt to build my own business supporting women in the industry, it was a huge, but bloody exciting challenge. I never EVER thought I’d be the sort of person to think f**k it just do it! I’d see my peers and those I looked up to just owning it and going after their dreams. Watching from the sidelines, wishing I had the tenacity to do what they were doing. Luckily, there was a nagging voice in my head that made me jump - how will you ever know unless you try?

I knew I wanted more from life and from my career. I knew there were women feeling burnt out and confused who I could relate to and support. I’ve been in your shoes, I know how it feels. I knew then that I had found my purpose. Having that voice spur me on (while feeling sh** scared about failing!) I took the skydive and haven’t looked back since!

I realised, those women I had looked up to who were chasing down their dreams had also felt the fear and questioned their ability, but they, like me had thrown caution to the wind, stood at that same precipice and gone for it. Everyone’s human and we all feel the fear!

With any big leap, there are a million thoughts that go through your head. What will my peers think? Will people have faith in me? What if I fail? It was easy to answer those questions, with the simple question I ask my coaching clients - so what? I’m out here jumping out of my comfort zone, embracing the fear and loving it. So what if people have their own thoughts about what you’re doing? So what if you fall flat on your face. The world won’t end, you can dust yourself and know you tried.

So ask yourself, how could I take a step, a jump, a leap or a skydive in my career?