Why it's okay to hit pause

BRB. Just trying to build my career, maintain a social life, drink three litres of water a day, make it to the gym, text people back, cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, do my 10 step skincre routine, blow-dry my hair,.jpg

Can you do it all and have it all without losing your sanity? The answer, I found out a few months ago, was no. I was juggling my PR work, trying to build my coaching business, completely gutting my kitchen and organising my wedding abroad (which was turning into a four day event!). Something had to give, and in terms of priorities, my business had to take a backseat. 

Why do we feel we have to go at 100 miles an hour?

At first I actually felt embarrassed and ashamed that I wasn’t putting 100% into growing my brand. I questioned whether I was a failure. Did I really want this? I’d see other people I admire, building their personal brand with constant social media posts, events and networking, while juggling their busy lives and here I was hitting pause on everything I’d built so far because I couldn’t find the time to squeeze it all in. Why do we feel we have to go at 100 miles an hour? Where’s the ‘me time’ in all of this? Society and social media are making us think that if we’re not achieving something every hour of the day then we’re failing, or not living life to its fullest. I’ve been guilty of feeling like this. I’ve rarely hit the pause button and just sat and enjoyed time slowly passing by. 

I realised it was only me that was being hard on myself for putting my business on the back burner.

It was only me that was comparing myself to others. And it was only me who could stop the feelings of guilt, the comparison and negative vibes. Sometimes something has to be put on the back burner so you can allow yourself to concentrate on what’s really important in the here and now. I was only going to get one wedding (I hope!) and I wanted it to put my all into it so that it was really personal and an amazing weekend for friends and family. We had the best time! I’m also committed to putting 100% into my PR work, so juggling a lot at the same time can distract me from doing so. 

Now that the wedding has been and gone, I’ve freed up so much time, which I can now refocus on my business. However, I’m not refocusing all of that time to go at 100 miles an hour. I’m actually enjoying ‘me time’. I’m loving not having plans and relaxing, which is a huge change for me. Yes, development, going after what you want and building your side hustle is exciting and so rewarding. But, so is looking after yourself, living in the here and now and finding pockets of time for your own personal happiness. 

I’m so excited for the next few months - roast and red wine season, settling into married life and launching my first workshop! I’m making sure my time is spread across socialising, relaxing and working hard on my career- the perfect recipe for my happiness.  

Whats your recipe for happiness?

Kirsty x

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